Entrepreneurship is about changing from within. Changing our way of thinking and understanding, like a child growing up to adult.


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When I got that right, then my attitude was very strong because whenever a challenge came, I didn’t see challenge but I saw an opportunity, I saw an opportunity to be more creative, to find a solution. Most people face a challenge as some problem but it’s all about attitude.

Entrepreneurship is different to business man or woman, because it is also about impacting the lives of others. It is an understanding that the world is dominating by the 5% not the 95%, so as an entrepreneur, I work towards to be the 5% which I am nearly there, just another 1 year more and I have not been in business long. When one is at the 5% then they got the wealth, the means to help others.

Now, considering those who says that’s about money. That’s where the 95% are very, very wrong. I know and so do other entrepreneirs know, that money is an illusion. It’s not real so we don’t base our dreams, goals on money. We base it on real things like having more TIME, having OWNERSHIP, having control of our lives and no taxman, baliffs, bills bully us.

Never have I paid them first but paid myself first. Then I would use these people, to get me going to make money and pay them out of the money I get from businesses out there but never do I pay them first. The 95% do because of fear. They let the taxman get money first before they even get their pay check. They then pay the banks due to their credit cards. Then they get the council tax, the government get paid first, then the gas bills, and other bills but they don’t pay themselves first.

See now the different attitude of an entrepreneur, the different thinking? It’s not about money the way poor people think “oh they do it for money, they buy so many things, selfish, selfish.”

I buy the way rich and wealthy buy for what? To buymore things? No. To buy ASSETS. All these are assets creating more and more income which then creates me more time. If the wealthy didn’t by and this a thought for poor people to think, if we didn’t buy, do you think people have jobs? If we didn’t buy more fancy cars, mansions, homes, do you think it be so great for economy. That’s a thought for the ones who think that rich are selfish. Rich are rich because of their THOUGHTS. Not because of anything else.

Entrepreneurship is about getting up whenever you failed, and learning from that failure. Entrepreneurship is not listening to some friend’s opinions of what works and what doesn’t or even relatives if THEY ARE NOT where you want to be. That is what the 95%, the masses do. Do they ever wonder why they run round and round for 40 years like hamster and realise they put all that work for what? A pension?

Entrepreneurship is about excelling, a pursuit of success because you want to be at the top not for money. For feeling so good inside, and to be a hero to our families, our kids. I remember, when I use to work for someone and my kid had a poster of some singer and football player.

When I worked for myself as an entrepreneur and now got businesses all over the world which gave me much more time to know my family, I walked in my kids room to find what? He put my face on the wall and took all the posters off.

I knew then, I was doing right as a father. Enterepreneur makes lazy men and women to stop blaming others for the circumstances and start getting them to create the circumstances they want.

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