About Us


About Us

Kazzylen invent, design and develop groundbreaking product innovations, services and business models within an end-to-end process starting with customer insight generation in the fuzzy front end of innovation and ending with series production and market entry. All our activities are focused on value co-creation with consumers who are always at the center of our innovation thinking

Interdisciplinary teams combine skills in the domains digital x data x design. These three dimensions of hardware, software and data analytics are the building blocks of today’s products and services, surrounded by smart business models, cutting edge technologies and powerful user communities.


As one of Nigeria’s strongest research groups on Open Innovation, Kazzylen is bridging the gap between technology and business and is considered as the thought leader in co-creation, crowdsourcing and community-based innovation concept. The intellectual exchange with leading universities, polytechnics, high schools, allows our clients to benefit from the latest tech/business findings.

In return, the practical application of the theoretical suggestions serves for the validation and continuous improvement of theory.

The Kazzylen head-office is the “House of Innovation” located in Lagos, at the heart of vibrant “Satellite”, surrounded by science, art and education.

Kazzylen Innovation is a global uprise in innovation technology management software, hardware and services, with over 10 years experience, a wealth of best-practice expertise, and clients around the globe.

Our powerful Innovation platform provides the backbone for collaborative innovation and helps drive long-term repeatable success. It allows companies to scale and extend the reach of their innovation initiatives, in a secure and flexible way.

We support a full life-cycle approach to innovation, taking ideas from conception to market, enabling our clients to transform the input from their audience into revenue for their business.

Our client community is at the heart of everything we do. Helping innovation managers succeed is our primary goal.


Kazzylen’s Mission Statement
Once organizations have reached a certain size, there is a significant distance between those who have ideas and insights and those who have the power and resources to act upon them.

Kazzylen Innovation provides technology and processes that bring idea contributors and decision makers closer together, helping organizations to generate additional revenue, to become more efficient, and to empower people.

Core Values at Kazzylen
Since the founding of the company in 2009, we have been proud to uphold key values which drive the way we work.

We believe in building smart yet modest individuals, who share our vision and passion for innovation management. Our guiding principles can be summed up in the following five values:

1. Integrity
2. Accountability
3. Fairness
4. Diversity
5.Customer intimacy


As we continue to grow, we still strive to stay true to our core values and to work with each and every client on configuring a solution that will fit their exact innovation management needs and requirements. As always, we are 100% committed to all our clients and users that help us prove every day that the wisdom of the Innovation can provide amazing business results.


Our Approach:

In the year 2016, Kazzylen set off with the vision of a innovation approach to actively integrate experts and start-ups in a participatory innovation ecosystem and thereby enable the collaborative development of trailblazing innovations. We have remained true to this mission ever since. In a world of informed, connected, active and global people, open and participatory innovation systems are an essential success factor for product and service solutions as well as for transformation processes in the digital age. In each phase of the innovation process we actively integrate different kinds of clients groups such as lead users, the creative participatory Innovation program, pilot users, early adopters, beta-testers, and representative consumers in order to develop products people love and need. Customer-centricity all the way from user pain points to product launch.

The Kazzylen approach is a fast, focused and dedicated method to innovate. We draw on the collective knowledge and creativity of the people, its power and its commitment to come up with successful innovations. Our methods enrich existing innovation management principles of large organizations through an open, collaborative, and fast innovation track that ensures fast realization of ideas into digital or physical Minimum Viable Products.

Like i do say Innovation means change
Change in the way we work, the products we make, the services we offer, the customer experiences we create, and the business models which fuel future growth. Increasingly, organizations need to leverage the brainpower of people both inside and outside of their environment. This is not just for idea and insight generation, but also for idea refinement, prototyping, and co-creation.

Collaborative innovation management
An end-to-end process of realizing ideas into valuable outcomes for the organization is what an innovation management program can achieve. But, mature innovation management requires direction and focus, and a strategy to bring together the elements of the front and back-end of innovation.

One also need to master techniques for effective collaboration, across divisional boundaries, geographic locations, and beyond the organization itself. These techniques for collaboration allow us to:

Find diverse ideas and insights from diverse or large groups of people;
Encourage collaboration between people to build and improve upon those ideas and insights;
Use a combination of community opinion & expert knowledge to assess the content;
Use the content to take action on business opportunities and problems.

Beyond idea generation
To ensure ideas create value for the organization, we must go beyond idea generation, to connect it with the way an organization implements and delivers new sources of value. Innovation management means we are able to:

Manage a complex innovation portfolio with greater governance and rigor;
Ensure effective innovation resource management so that the best ideas make it to market;
Integrate the innovation process with other information systems to ensure alignment.

Creating a culture of innovation
To create a sustained culture of innovation, we must embed this end-to-end capability into the fabric of how the enviroment works. This requires a careful consideration of the people, process, and technology which make up an innovation program.

At Kazzylen Innovation, we work across this spectrum of people, process and technology, to help our clients run successful innovation management programs.


Idea Campaigns and Idea Channels

Campaigns are used to generate ideas within a clearly defined area of focus. A sponsor drives the campaign, a community manager asks a diverse group to contribute ideas, and a team of experts evaluate the ideas submitted by campaign participants. Campaigns are one of the most effective ways to generate ideas on a topic with a diverse group of people.

Channels are an always-open bucket for specific types of ideas. A channel can represent a particular product, market, company division, or long-term strategic objective. Channels have caretakers, who are responsible for the health of the channel, and for handling and processing new ideas. Channels can be used for continuous improvement, or for innovation initiatives which sit outside of the time bounded campaign model.

The Kazzylen Ecosystem

Innovation management programs are more than just a software/hardward platform. Kazzylen brings a network of support and
value to our customers, designed to maximize the impact of the software/hardware, the success of your program.



A services and consulting team, with thousands of hours experience working with large complex innovation programs. Our services are dedicated to making your program successful.


A dedicated content and research team, producing frequent webinars, articles, reports, and case studies. All designed specifically for the innovation manager.


A network of partners who bring additional skills and tools to the innovation field. From engaging communities of experts, to running business sprints.


A diverse and highly engaged client community. We run frequent face to face events across the globe, bringing innovation professionals together to share their experience and help each other develop their skills. “about us”


Guidance, Training, and Implementation for Your Innovation Program:

Kazzylen’s customer service team offers full support for your innovation program. From strategic planning to hands-on implementation and execution. Our team of experts are there to help you succeed.

Kazzylen will help you put in place the key building blocks for a sustainable program, define your strategy and align it to the wider needs of the organization.

Align your process to your goals, and embed best practices into your program. Kazzylen’s architecture services are about the practical set-up and organization of your innovation environment.

Kazzylen’s execution services focus on the day-to-day running of your innovation program. Practical advice, templates and robust process examples are there to support you.


We work with clients to build their programs across three areas:

Collaborative Innovation Foundations
Kazzylen will help you understand key resource requirements, team structure, and policy considerations to help establish the foundations you need for a sustainable program.

Planning & Alignment
To make collaborative innovation sustainable for the long term, planning a roadmap and aligning key components is essential. Creating early successes, developing an engaged audience, and understand the culture of your organization is part of this process.

Health Check
A health check is a review process which Kazzylen will conduct for your program. The in-depth look at your activities reveals areas where you can adjust and improve. Kazzylen will deliver a structured report upon completion of the health check, and discuss the recommendations with you.

Value Expansion
Delivering sustainable and measurable business value can prove challenging for some innovation programs. Kazzylen will work with you to analyse your current innovation process and your portfolio value and strength at each gate, to help design a program of activities to boost business outcomes and shorten delivery times.

Open Innovation
Engaging third parties outside of your organization is often a key step for developing an innovation program. We work with you to understand your commercial needs, identify the right external parties and define a program structure for your specific Open Innovation needs.

Social Media Integration
Innovation Management may be part of a range of social business applications used within your organization, such as SharePoint, Yammer or IBM Connections etc. Kazzylen will work with you to agree on an appropriate and clear social application structure to keep the company aligned, applications integrated and to ensure employees know which application to use in each business context.

Design & Branding
Great design sets the right mood for innovative thinking. Kazzylen translates your innovation strategy into an appealing design to catch your audience’s attention. We create innovation brands, advertising campaigns, and customize your innovation platform.

Campaign Best Practices
Kazzylen offers a training and workshop session to embed core online innovation best practices within your innovation team. We’ll agree a policy for each specific element of idea campaigns, including evaluation of content, sponsorship, rewards and recognition, sustainability of the process etc.

Software Training & Setup
Our software experts are on hand to deliver training workshops which provide you with the knowledge to manage the system. These workshops ensure you are able to get the most from the tool, learning how and when to use key features to your advantage.

Ensuring that your audience is aware and enthusiastic about your innovation and business challenges is vital in making sure people participate. The methods and messages depend on your objectives and what’s been done in the past. We’ll work with you to develop a communications plan that will drive the type and amount of participation you’re looking for.

Expert Process Training
There are 50 factors that affect how a given community will engage in your online innovation program. We offer training for full time innovation professionals to help understand how to promote long term, sustainable participation aligned closely with your organization’s objectives.

Innovation Advocate Training
Building an engaged and supportive community of advocates across all parts of your enterprise will help embed collaborative innovation more effectively, especially within large or complex organizations. Kazzylen offers training and mentoring of a handpicked, volunteer community, on how to be a good advocate, including guidance on how to identify likely advocate candidates.

Campaign & Strategy Playbook
Selecting the right idea campaign at the right time, appropriate to your current culture and goals can be a challenge. Kazzylen teaches you how to prioritize, phase, and select the right campaigns, building up a personalized playbook for your community for a six month phase of your program.

Process Design
Kazzylen’s software/hardware comes ready out of the box. For some organizations though, this is just a starting point. They wish to develop their own custom aspects to the program, to perfectly fit the needs of the company. Using the Kazzylen Workbench, our application specialists can build workflows and features that you need.

Campaign Building
Kazzylen will help your innovation team to create custom idea campaigns matched to your business needs, culture, and company structure. We’ll share templates and guidance, and teach you how to write compelling questions helping to engage and inspire your target audience.

Innovation Team Coaching
Your innovation managers may require a little more help than our initial training and planning advice. Therefore we offer a mentoring service for key individuals within your team. Kazzylen acts as a trusted partner and delivers occasional coaching to provide advice on new challenges or when looking to take the program in a new direction.

Awareness Raising
Kazzylen will brief your senior stakeholders on what it means to implement a collaborative innovation program. Kazzylen will share examples to aspire to, possible pitfalls and explain how your stakeholder community can become a key enabler of a successful program.

Program Champion
Kazzylen will be your program champion. We will host town hall meetings, webinars and speak with program sponsors to help brief vital groups in your community on how to get involved and what’s expected of them. Kazzylen will act as the champion for the new approach and offer advice based upon its deep program knowledge and experience.

Facilitated Evaluation Sessions
Major idea campaigns often require a more extensive review process to ensure the best ideas are considered and that the review team spends their time on the most valuable activities. Kazzylen offers a customized, facilitated review process to support your innovation managers and reviewers with best practices that support your specific needs and campaign objectives.

Adoption Monitoring
Kazzylen will monitor your campaigns, participation and quality of submissions on a daily basis. We will look to identify any areas where the program can improve and guide your innovation team towards any changes in strategy or tactics to improve the overall strength of each campaign.

Community Management
Kazzylen will act as your internal innovation manager. Embedded within your organization and working onsite with your employees, Kazzylen consultants will take a lead role in developing campaigns, managing your implementation of the Kazzylen platform and liaise with key stakeholders. If you require more capacity, Kazzylen can help.


Kazzylen Enterprise: For the Innovators
Kazzylen’s Innovation platform offers you proven features to support every phase of your innovation process, from early trend scouting through to implementation, with a great user experience for your audience

A platform designed to answer Innovation Managers’ need and meet users expectations
We know that innovation management requires sophisticated functionality. Also, users should be supported by technology, not overwhelmed with features. We set out to bring simplicity & intuitive usability to a complex and highly adaptable product. A clean and smooth experience, with advanced functionality available on demand. “about us”

Trend Scouting
Research trends through the integration with TRENDONE’s Trendexplorer, a trend database fed by a global network of trend scouts. You can link trends to your strategic innovation areas and idea campaigns, to inspire your crowd or highlight recent developments in the industry to other participants. Trends also incentivize your users to visit the platform more often as they are exciting news!

Idea Generation
Gain top management support by structuring your innovation initiative along strategic innovation areas, aligned with the business goals of your business/company. You can quickly set up idea campaigns for targeted ideation with our campaign wizard, either from scratch or based on past campaign templates. Your idea authors are guided by contextual help to ensure a high quality of submissions. You can also launch online brainwriting sessions, to support distributed teams and rapidly generate idea fragments, which can then be combined and matured towards the solution you look for.

Collaboration is a key element of your sustainable innovation program. Kazzylen Enterprise requires a minimum number of comments, votes, and visits for new idea submissions. While ideators have to collaborate to push each other’s ideas over this threshold, it also helps to enrich ideas and reduce the review team’s workload. When commenting, your users can assume and mark their perspective on the idea, similar to de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats (c). You can also request certain perspectives for a more balanced idea review.

Choose from a range of evaluation methods to match your individual scenario. With Kazzylen’s idea boards, you can easily triage ideas to filter out those, which do not fit your present demand. Use our evaluation wizard to quickly set up detailed scorecard evaluations sessions. You can define your team of subject matter experts and criteria tailored to the ideas to be reviewed. Pairwise evaluation helps your review team to intuitively generate ranked lists of good ideas, based on a head-to-head comparison. You can assign weightings to your criteria and easily spot the best idea in the result table.

Take your best ideas into the concept phase, where you subject them to close scrutiny, assign resources and budget, and develop a business case, guided by Kazzylen Enterprise. Track the decisions made by your innovation board as you move your concepts to the innovation project phase, where you define milestones and iteratively develop the idea further. Set up your success KPIs with our KPI wizard to always stay on top of your innovation pipeline, ready to report on the latest developments with a single click. “about us”


Kazzylen Web Host and Domain
Kazzylen’s Innovation platform offers you proven features for any web site from a small business brochure to incorporate or company, pictures of a tropical holiday, to powerful dynamic websites for aall kind of legit activities etc, Kazzylen Internet has the right services for you and at the right price…

Cpanel and Softaculous Installer Free

kazzylen gives you the choice of your  domain. You can stick with your www.yourdomain.com, or you can pick from another powerful great Domain names we have available or from another Domains provider. With MySQL, PHP, FTP, VistaPanel (our specially designed control panel) and other features, you can host heaps of scripts with no worries. Adding your own domain registered at any domain registrar is just a few clicks and is hosted on your free kazzylen account! if you need assistance or you want our domain support team to assist you in Domain Addons contact us via to get more details about us  supports@kazzylen.com, billig@kazzylenhost.com or kazzylenng@gmail.com and https://kazzylenhost.com

Every web hosting account as of August 2015, new gets the awesome Softaculous script installer inside the free hosting control panel. This great application installs over 433 of the most popular scripts such as Blogs, Photo Galleries, Online shopping carts, Social networks and much much more!. “about us”


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