I'm a Beauty Editor—These Viral TikTok Beauty Brands Are Actually Worth the Hype

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There is no denying the influence that TikTok has had on our lives, and particularly on the lens through which we consume our beauty content. While Instagram has often been the place to document a perfectly curated shelf of skincare and scroll through beautiful imagery of beauty packaging, TikTok is the refreshing antidote where real-life reviews dominate our For You pages. Reviewers are honest (even a little bit brutally honest), and there is an unfiltered approach to content creation that feels authentic and allows viewers to see how a product might perform in real life and if it's really worth buying. And when it's good, it goes completely viral.

Being a beauty editor for a living, I can say that my algorithm shows me a lot of beauty content. Whether it's affordable dupes for an expensive foundation, the best Zara perfumes or seeing the Dyson AirWrap in action to create viral TikTok hairstyles, it now even influences my work as a journalist, where I'll often report on the viral TikTok beauty brands and products that are trending right now.

TikTok is great for showcasing new product launches. However, it has also brought cult classics back into the spotlight, which have long been trusted by dermatologists, makeup artists and hairstylists. 

With so many opinions on TikTok, though, it can be difficult to choose a beauty product that might be right for you, or it might leave you questioning if the product you're seeing everywhere might just be overhyped. So I've collated the TikTok-viral beauty brands that I think are worth buying as someone who lives and breathes beauty as part of my job.